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Blame the Stars
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There are times when I'm just a shell
When I do not feel anything for anyone
All I feel is hollow and bruised
Used up and misused
Forced to be someone I don't want to be
Have I failed somehow or some way
Will the weight of today
finally pull me down to drown
In the depths of despair
Where I am alone
Except for my rage

[darkest days] [stabbing westward]
My [r]age My [p]ain
I hate my darkest days

There's always someone who wants to keep you hidden...take all the stars out of your sky so you can't see yourself. Sever your heart into little tiny pieces then keep them in a brown paper bag for when they want to put it back together later. So, I pretty much set up this community to have some place to relate to those that have been broken...and those who refuse to be weakened. Well, that was all from the top of my head atleast...the title if pretty catchy dontcha think? :)

I'm not going to be strict about what this community should be about. Post pictures, rants, thoughts, poems, lyrics...whatever's on your mind. I won't shoot you down for it. Have fun.

There is a few rules
[1] no bashing other members in this community
[2] don't steal other member's writings
[3] don't steal other member's icons (it happens)
[4] if you're gonna post test's or quizzes, use the Lj cut tag please

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