I L.o.v.e. You <3 (ox3milyluvsuxo) wrote in severed_stars,
I L.o.v.e. You <3

Here goes nothing...

Well Im new here. Acutally just joined. :)
So heres something I've had on my mind for some time now.
Comment and tell me what you think please...

He wants her
She means nothing to him anyway
She realizes its over
And pulls away not wanting to get hurt
She wants him
Hes with someone else
People start to talk
He holds her tighter as they kiss
She likes it and only wants more
Though its not right
That night she cries herself to sleep
Shes broken inside
He doesn't care
He acts as if he owns her
Pushing her around
She treats him so good
Yet he treats her like shit
People wonder what she sees in him
And she can't even answer that herself
She wants it all to end
Just stop and make everything normal again
But it never will be
It just goes like this...
-Boy likes girl
-Girl likes boy
-They fall in major love
-So he takes her heart and breaks it

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Omgawsh!! I mean I dont know what thats like to be honest but that must feel terrible. Men really suck dont they. But if he likes you why would he break your heart? Dont wry, its meant to be then. Maybe you dont bleve in all that, but trust me, if hes like that, he is NOT worth it, and hunny, we break their hearts more than they do ours, we just dont know it. Im so sorry to hear that. Feel better!!
i think its kinda cheesy accually...... i duno it doesnt have an depth