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I actually some writing done. *sighs breath of relief* Now all I need to know is that they don't suck and I'll be set for life.

"Ah, So Romantic!"

She closed her eyes to his lullabies
His lips a sweet reminder of dreaming
Surely this moment wasn't real
This moment was too perfect for reality
Her head was spinning, dizzy with scent
So warm, so good, so sweetly inviting
As raindrops slowly fall outside
And the crickets serenade them
They're buried in the dark
Their rendezvous is masked by night
Ah, so romantic!

"Watch in Silence"

I wish that I could dry her tears
This is too much for her green years
She feels so old, looks so young
As the excuses roll off his tongue
She looks at him, her vision blurred
Shocked at how much this hurt
"I will never be good enough!"
She's too scared to call his bluff
Can't she see her stunning beauty,
The way her voice does sing to me?
She doesn't know how much she's worth
He's a fool for not putting her first
She deserves much more than him
But her outlook's growing dim
She's asking him, "You love me don't you?"
I want to tell her, "He doesn't, I do."

"What a Perfect Autumn"

October's getting warmer
I'm warming up to you
September's sorrows are a myth
Your whispers are all that matter
You're the only one worth listening to
You brightened up December
A dreary month turned gold
Take my heart, I'm sold

"Joint Ownership"

You never dream the same anymore
Lock me away inside your tears
Sweet utter oblivion taking control
Lock me away I'm yours
Yours to keep, yours to hold
I belong to your malice
Now, for never and always

You never speak the same anymore
Your violent whispers screeching to a halt-
I've got nothing left to gain
Steal my heart away while I look elsewhere
Someplace for my own person, my own spirit
To remain inside my head
Now, for never and always

You never love me anymore
Tear me away from treasure maps
Eerie promises broken like hearts
You never knew you're mine
Mine to savor, mine to beat
My sweet deathless martyr
Now, for never and always

"Public Display of Affection"

You never think on the trivial things
Gaze in awe on a simple embrace
Do you need someone to touch?
Someone to lean upon
When you have a spine of your own?
I do, I do, I do
I miss him dearly
(I do, I do, I do)
But I can't keep my hands to myself
I'm the opposite of alone
Surrounded by his voice
I'm waiting to feel his lips again
So intimate as I'm parading in public
It means so little to me
So why do you care, when my touch matters not?

"The Other Woman"

They say love is suicide
Slow and painful, unnecessary
If misery loves company
I wish you’d fucking die

I don’t need to hurt myself
I have you to do it for me
Your careless remarks do burn
Shut your mouth, now it’s my turn

I love waking up with you,
But I hate the way you look
Soundly sleeping, pull me close
As she walks in the room

I hate screaming at you
When you don’t bother to listen
But your eyes tear up and glisten
How can you not understand?

Your love is killing me
So why don’t I kill you?

"Our Destructive Fairytale"

We'll have love songs in the background
Do you hope they'll sway the mood?
I think I'll notice your imperfections tonight
Find a flaw on which to asphyxiate
A fatal chemical reaction
Our addictive relationship is drugging us
Holes in our brain going down the drain
Oh, but poison tastes so sweet
Are these tears really worth it?
Are you really worth it?
I'll kiss your trembling lips and say yes.
Your wasted breath belongs to me
And how I love to make you scream
Don't deny your mutual responses
You love holding my bleeding body
Empowered by your obvious violence
This is real love, my darling
Our destructive fairytale come true.

I'm the biggest angst kitten in the world.
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