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in wicked's domain

this is more of a nightmare:        

my friend and i arrive a some house for whatever reason, instantly im warned but my friend realizes nothing and proceeds without hesitation. we were there to spend the night (i suppose) the rooms were of  old victorian decor which seemed it has been unoccupied for yrs. i cant sleep so i get up to go into a huge kitchen which was composed with windows all around and at the ceiling. blood begins to drip down the sides and panicked i get  my friend and  rush  to the door. we opened the door but could not cross to the outside, an overwhelming desperation freed us and we walked down the long yard to the street where i still didnt feel safe from the house. waiting for the bus my friend begins walking back towards the house, i grab her and the bus comes.

we're off the bus and no longer carrying our stuff. we walk through a cemetary without fear even though it was the middle of the night. for some time we were actually having fun and enjoying the presence of the dark trees and tombstones, then i trip over something and my friend is gone. i call for her, however the awareness of being alone is threatning and i start running from misty figures that are right behind me. then the path splits and im running so fast i end up on the wrong side, finally i end up on a ship of the british navy (year 1600?) with some guy wearing a wig and im stuffed inside the formal dresses for ladies and in the background is classical violin music.  end.

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