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Yeah, I'm new.

"No Pitying Grace"

Nothing could ever be better
Than the blank pages in your eyes
No readable expression
My face burns fom your salt tears
You cry far too much

You cry out for pity every chance you get
Too bad you'll get none from me
You're a speck
A dead fly on the floor with broken wings
And I don't give a damn

You heart is beating, slow but still
Your blood is draining grey
How am I expcted to save your sorry life?
You can't even save yourself.

"Perfect Infatuation"

I know you can feel it
The insanity of this, our kiss
But how much it can fit
How it seems real, natural
I know you know, I know you do
Our heartbeats match
And your arms are so safe
There's no way you disagree
No hell cna frighten me
It can't be s in to love you, an angel
The most perfect being in my eyes
Do you predict heartbreak?
From someone as gentle as you?
Just the thought is blasphemy
You my savior, saving grace
Your lips, a taste of heaven
You love me like I love you
No doom could ever touch us
Never, never never . . .
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